Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS)

60 gls./hr.

150 knots.

2 Motores  Powerplant Lycoming Lts 101- 650 b1

2016 KG.

Height: 3.35 meters
Length: 13 meters

9 Pax.

Patient Management

• The prognosis of the patient depends on timely and immediate care in a more complex medical center than those that generally exist in localities close to emergency cases, with the capacity to provide definitive care (surgery, intensive care).

• These patients are generally unstable, require monitoring and intervention on board by qualified health personnel.

• The most common examples are patients with heart attacks, penetrating gunshot wounds, pregnancy complications, appendicitis, and those with multiple injuries.

• PRIMARY air transport is the one that is carried out from the place of the emergency to a medical center, seeking to reduce the time interval without treatment.

• SECONDARY air transport is performed from one hospital to another, seeking that the patient receives definitive treatment.

Service opportunity

The time factor is decisive for the survival and convalescence of the patient


Coverage Area

The ambulance system may be implemented throughout the national territory integrating the different means that are available.

  • Distances between 50 and 300 km can be covered by
    rotary wing equipment (Helicopters)
  •  The helicopter allows to maintain speeds greater than 220 and 240
    km / h, (120-130 knots)
  • The helicopter has the ability to take off and land in areas where other aircraft can not operate.

Helicopter Benefits

  • Main Benefit:

Less time for the patient to receive the appropriate level of medical care

  • Survey of 250,000 transporters in trauma situations

✔ HEMS reduced mortality by 22% compared to land transport.

✔ HEMS provide an average of 10 minutes (city) to 45 minutes
(rural transfer) of time advantage compared to
ground transportation.

Helicopter Medical Equipment

Helicopter space

Helicopter Configuration

Medical Equipment on the Helicopter

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