SADI SAS was incorporated by public deed on November 3, 1992, its origins were in the Department of Tolima, hence its name SOCIEDAD AEREA DE IBAGUE, in 2008 it began its operations based in Bogotá, the Company has been certifying in different modalities that allow you to offer specialized services such as:

  1. Utility Configurations:
    * Aerial construction work (external load class B)
    * aerial photography and aerial photogrammetry
    * Radio and television broadcasts and film shooting (aerial cinematography) or control of
    vehicular traffic and public events.
    * Prevention, surveillance, extinction and control of forest fires
    * Search and rescue
  2. Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS)
  3. Charter services
  4. Aeronautical Training Center
  5. Maintenance programs for aircraft models authorized for the Company.

SADI is a company with social commitment that identifies its stakeholders and ensures their well-being, with a broad vision of what the market requires and adjusts to provide services that meet customer expectations, all processes that are developed in SADI respect the environment.

Offer a safe, efficient and high quality air transport service, guaranteeing reliable maintenance to our aircraft and to third parties.

To be the leading air transport and helicopter maintenance company in the Colombian market, maintaining high quality and safety standards in all operations in harmony with the environment and with the well-being of workers.

  • Maintain a systematic hazard identification and risk assessment plan.
  • Maintain adequate management of environmental preservation policies
  • Increase flight equipment and operations

Human talent

With an exhaustive personnel selection process, which guarantees the suitability of the personnel to carry out each of the existing positions in the Organization, the flight hours required for the pilots are above the minimum required by the Aeronautical Authority, all our personnel They receive permanent updating training and are periodically evaluated to verify their performance.

SADI, ensures that its collaborators perform their functions in a safe and responsible manner, offering them all the guarantees of the law.

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